Campaign Resources: Five Ancient Relics

"What's in the chest?" - Paladin, probably

Players don’t only kill monsters and save towns for the glory, they also can’t wait to get their greedy little hands on that sweet, ever-sought-after loot. Even the Lawful Good Paladin loves taking a look at the pile of treasures recently uncovered, even if he is only helping citizens because it’s the right thing to do. Magic items can offer a lot more to your campaign than a cool new toy; make sure to give them some story, some background, and possibly even a quest or two. We’ve compiled a list of some great ancient relics, descriptions included, to introduce to your campaign and loot hoards!

Life Shackle Bracers

Wondrous Item, rare, requires attunement

This pair of bracers are not meant to be worn by one person, but by two. A matching pair of manacles with the physical chain broken between them, these bracers link the life force of two creatures. When worn damage taken by one individual is transferred to the other. Of the two, one bracer is considered the master bracer and the wielder of this half of the set has control over the set. Only they can control the direction of the transferred damage. This could be used to protect a weak party member or to transfer damage to an enemy. Any creature attuned to Life Shackle Bracers knows which bracer is the master bracer.

Lucky Coin

Wondrous Item, rare

This is a small copper coin with the face of Romus, the God of Luck, on one side and a Wyvern’s tail on the other side. No one truly knows who enchanted this ancient coin, but it appears to be well used and rather old.

As a bonus action, you can expend a charge and flip this coin. If it lands on heads, you have advantage on the next attack roll you make. In addition, you score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. If it lands on tails, you have advantage on the next attack roll you make but the next attack against you also has advantage. The coin has three charges, which are replenished at dawn.

"In Romus we trust."

Torch of Tharizdun

Wondrous Item, uncommon, requires attunement

The ancient Power of chaos, Tharizdun is long forgotten but his insatiable desire to sow discord still resonates throughout the universe and entraps itself in particular items. One such item is his torch. With a spiraling purple rune engraved in the handle it creates dim purple light for 15 feet for 10 minutes a day. Once per day a creature attuned to the torch can cast one random spell level cantrip – 5. A creature that uses this effect must roll a DC 12 WIS save. On a failed save the creature suffers short term madness. The torch regains this feature at dawn.

*Not an actual Torch of Tharizdun, we like to keep our editors sane.

Dagger of Paralysis

Weapon (dagger), rare

This is a short, grey iron dagger that appears to be rather dull. However, it is the enchantment on the blade that gives it the impression it is nothing more than a letter opener. Used by Sharesh Theltia, Head of Assassination in the Asparian Thieve’s Guild, this blade allowed the assassin to paralyze their target before delivering a message or the killing blow.

This is a +2 magical weapon. When you attack a target and hit with that attack, you can expend one charge of this dagger to cause the target to make a Constitution saving throw (DC 18). On a failure, the target is paralyzed for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of it’s turn, ending the effect on a success.

This dagger has 3 charges, which replenish at dawn. If you use the last charge, you must firstly make a Constitution save (DC 18) or be paralyzed for 1 minute. You cannot repeat this save. Secondly, you must roll a d20. On a 1, the dagger is magically transported to a random spot on the material plane.

Entropic Spear

Weapon (spear), rare

The blade of this spear shimmers with varying colours, due to its random damage type.

This is a +2 magical weapon. On a critical hit, this spear does an extra 2d6 damage of a random type. Roll 1d10 to determine the type:

  1. Acid
  2. Cold
  3. Fire
  4. Force
  5. Lightning
  6. Necrotic
  7. Poison
  8. Psychic
  9. Radiant
  10. Thunder

This spear has 5 charges, regaining 1d4+1 charges at dawn. As a reaction, when an attack hits you, you can expend 1 or more charges to reduce the damage by 1d6 per charge spent. You can only reduce damage of a type that appears on the above table. If you use the last charge, roll a d20 after applying the effects of the item. On a 1, the spear crumbles into dust and cannot be repaired.