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DM Support GroupDM Support Group

The DM Support Group is a bunch of folks who run games and like to help each other run them better. Come join us on Slackā€”use the Contact page to get in touch.

GM LeighGM Leigh

I run homebrew Dungeons and Dragons 5e games for a local group that has been together for the past two years. Find me on twitter at @ShimmerwindIsle


Long time DM and player (since 1981) and OSR enthusiast. When not being a Dad or a Pawnbroker, I spend my time writing OSR Adventure Modules and Supplements. Check out my stuff @ or hit me up on twitter @goblin_stomper


Also known as the Wandering Alchemist, the name by which I write my role-playing game blog. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was told stories of my father's campaigns as a kid. In recent years I have expanded to many more games, but D&D is still my go-to and my main goal is to share the passion for these games with as many as possible.


I've been gaming since before I could convince my parents it was okay to buy polyhedral dice, and have been all wrapped up in my own fantasy worlds ever since. I'm older now, and busier with life, but still make time to tell great stories with friends whenever I can.


Long-time gamer and DM, world builder & sometime-writer, humble founder of DM Support Group. Most importantly, a husband & father trying to do some good in the world.

The Notebook GMThe Notebook GM

In addition to The Notebook GM I am a contributor for DM Support Group and a writer and performer for NatOneProductions.

My girlfriend, my puppy, and myself live together in Boston where I run a DnD 5e game.

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